Company Introduction

Company Strategy

- Our Vision: Soulviet will offer our clients products with superior quality and value through personalized customer service and support. We will create an individualized experience and add value by combining functionality with high quality of innovation and design which will be coupled with punctual production and delivery. Moreover, we will contribute to the growth of society as we grow the company's business. Our passion will be your reward.

- Our Philosophy: “From nature to nature” represents our mission to provide functional and ecofriendly interior aesthetics and decor through an environmentally-sustainable approach.

- Our History: Soulviet was founded by a team of accomplished professionals who possess years of relevant experience in handicraft product design, manufacturing, and export.  We are proud of being the leading company in providing aesthetic decoration and interior design accessories all over the world.

Core Values

- Humanity: The development of a humane approach plays a major role in our company’s success. Each member in our company is afforded premium consideration to encourage him or her to thrive and contribute to company success and client satisfaction.  

- Integrity: Integrity in business practice is the foundation for all activities our company engages in. We all work based on the concepts of transparency, fairness and respectfulness to all stakeholders.

- Up-to-date: Although we are working in traditional local material product, we intensively innovate and stay on top of trends and industry developments. We can work based on customer designs, we can provide consultation to customer to improve product’s function and aesthetic presentation, and we can offer innovative novel designs and concepts.

- Quality: Each product our company designs, facilitates, and produces will be tracked through the entire production process, from drafting table to the customer’s hands. For us, all business starts from our core value of individualizing the customer’s experience to meet their needs and bring them the most benefit through a total commitment to quality and service.

- Sustainability: Sustainable development is not all about ecofriendly products, we also make an effort to help local people by collecting materials in a way that does no harm to the environment and supports the suppliers in cultivating stable businesses which focus on long-term development and proscpects.