Manufacturing & Sourcing

Raw Material Treatment & Weaving —-> Coloring & Painting —> Gluing (Glue bonding) —–> Drying —-> Labeling & Packaging—-> Storage —-> Delivery.

* Raw material treatment: Natural Materials (rattan, bamboo, hyacinth, and seagrass) will be collected and dried before sending to craftsmen for bold weaving the semi-finished products; all will be 100% handmade. Semi-finished products are transported to the factory for final quality control and testing; all damaged and defective items are rejected or removed.

* Coloring & Painting: Soulviet equipped handle a wide range of color pantones and use eco-friendly dye for all products. We also apply hand drawing for requested products to make them more unique.

* Glue Bonding: This process supports product through application of high bonding strength through the use of an eco-friendly water-based bonding agent.

* Drying: This process is one of the most important steps to make sure final products are strong enough and stable enough for use in cold weather countries. After finishing the coloring and bonding process, products will be placed in drying rooms in order to ensure optimum fixation of colors and shapes. The temperature in drying room is always strictly controlled in order to dry and dehumidify products for several hours, and this technique especially vital during the rainy season or at times of high humidity. Sometimes, if the weather conditions are favorable, with high sunlight and low level of humidity, products might be dried naturally outside.

* Labeling & Packaging: The label and packaging will follow customer design or Soulviet consulting specifications. The labels and packaging cartons will include any requested logos, labels or barcodes which enable products can be directly placed on the distribution channel.

* Storage: Carton boxes will be stored in optimal conditions in a ventilated area. The size of carton is specifically designed for each product, and dimensions should be less than 0.16 m3 of volume and less than 20kg of weight.

* Delivery:  a completed order will be arranged for loading and transport as soon as possible for deliver to customer’s port. For Soulviet, the adherence to the customer’s schedule is our main priority. 


Quality Control:  In Soulviet, quality control is a daily duty. All aspects during producing process are examined with care, accountability, and responsibility to make sure that perfect products are shipped to customers.