Garden furniture 2022 – these are the trends

19/03/2021 - 01:48

Rattan, bamboo, macrame or metal: which garden furniture for the outdoor area will be an absolute must in 2022? We’ll tell you.

The 2022 furniture trends for the garden, terrace and balcony are at least as diverse as the selection of furniture for outdoor use. This year there is something for every taste:

The trend color of the year is gray. Garden furniture made of polyrattan is particularly impressive in this color. The trendy and particularly robust furniture is available in a wide variety of variants. Seating groups, sun loungers, hanging chairs or rattan lounges are modern. They fit easily into your own garden. Smaller models find their place on the balcony.

Colored garden furniture trends 2022 – regardless of whether it is bright colors or pastel tones. Garden furniture made of metal is another trend. Puristic design makes seating groups classic and timeless. An industrial look creates contrast.

Less is more – metal and a clear design

Reduced shapes are also all the rage in 2022. Garden furniture with clear lines and edges is inspired by the Scandinavian furnishing style. The minimalist design puts the plants in the foreground and creates a harmonious atmosphere to feel good.

Materials such as steel or aluminum provide an industrial look. Horizontal lines allow the industrial character to effortlessly enter your own garden. Monochrome tones such as gray, black or white create a harmonious overall picture. No wonder that the trend color gray should not be missing in the garden this year either.

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Back to nature – rattan, bamboo and macrame

Furniture made from natural materials fits into every garden. Not only do they harmonize with the plants in terms of color, they also create a harmonious overall picture without much effort.

Accessories such as cozy blankets and decorative pillows provide accents. In colors like beige and other earth tones, they go particularly well with bamboo or rattan. Of course there are no limits to the taste. Bright colors can create a feel-good atmosphere in contrast to the natural tones. The trend here is rich colors such as yellow or blue.

In addition to bamboo and rattan furniture, macramé furniture is also popular. Knotted hanging chairs in different colors make every garden a little paradise. Macrame furniture appears almost weightless thanks to its light, light design. This makes them a great fit on a balcony and in the garden.

Timelessly modern – the all-rounder poly rattan

Polyrattan is an indispensable part of gardens in 2022. The weather-resistant material is enjoying increasing popularity. Rattan furniture impresses with its light weight and low maintenance. Sunlight and rain showers cannot harm this robust garden furniture.

In addition to gray, the trendy furniture is also available in black and brown. The modern charm is supported by white or gray seat cushions. They ensure comfortable seating and relaxation in your own garden or on the balcony.

Now it’s getting colorful – garden furniture in color

Where years ago color was only used as decoration, entire furniture is now the focus of color. In addition to monochrome garden furniture, in 2022 you will also see more and more colorful furniture in gardens and on balconies.

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Yellow accents in particular are very popular. Lovers of pastel tones or red and blue do not miss out on this trend. Tables and chairs, but also sun loungers or side tables – it gets colorful outside. Those who love colors can look forward to it, because their outdoor area could soon become a pioneer for furniture trends.

With attention to detail – focus on individual pieces of furniture

The garden and balcony are increasingly becoming a living room in the open air. So it is only logical that individual pieces of furniture such as side tables or seat cushions will also become increasingly popular in 2022. However, this trend is still in its infancy and is not as present as rattan, metal or paint. But if you want to swim with the trend wave here, you should look around for these pieces of furniture.

At first glance, the 2022 furniture trends for outdoors are very different. But there is the right garden furniture for everyone. So they can also be combined well. Rattan hanging chairs complement minimalist seating groups. Formerly monochrome sun loungers come in bright colors. If garden furniture is not enough for you, fairy lights, outdoor carpets, blankets or decorative pillows create additional atmosphere. So in 2022 there can be a little more in all areas!

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