Modern Trends In The Style Of Garden Furniture

19/03/2021 - 01:46

Garden design development has become very popular, and we are not talking about landscape design. Decorating and furnishing green spaces around the house is a trend that has already taken shape and has declared itself as an exterior design. And today, many designers are seriously passionate about the development of special street decoration.

Garden Furniture Trends

The main “trick” of the design game is that the garden interior becomes a harmonious continuation of the home interior, and therefore the modern “garden market” can offer you a huge variety of masterpieces, both among the “vintage” classics and country, and high-tech style, which is given more preference. Minimalistic, but at the same time, comfortable and practical forms of chairs, sofas, swing for a summer residence will always be at the peak of consumer demand.

The specially emphasized permeability of the home environment in street design is the hottest trend this summer. Decorating and transferring home furnishings to decorating a terrace or garden is achieved not only by choosing an armchair or a table, but also by tents, gazebos, awnings, comfortable soft garden swings, street lamps, and various accessories that allow you to create whole rooms in the fresh air.

Glamorous style gives way to European brevity, convenience and clear lines. Forged products, as well as practical and light furniture made of plastic, which home comfort and originality are added by pillows of various prints and shapes, placed for convenience around the perimeter of the sofa or armchair, are in special honor.

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The “rustic” style or “ranch”, which is decorated with furniture made of rough logs, also has a large audience of fans, but due to their substantial massiveness, such products look quite cumbersome, especially on a small terrace.

Stone furniture will also burden the space of the backyard with its weight and dimensions, and the climatic conditions of Russia will create discomfort, requiring additional flooring in order to protect themselves from too cold or too hot stone. The only plus of such products is their durability, measured in tens of years.

Wooden garden furniture is a classic, but a rather whimsical classic that requires protection from moisture and sun. The most affordable, convenient and practical material for decorating the backyard space is plastic. Durable, sturdy, anti-corrosion and a variety of colors, plastic furniture remains at the forefront of fashion trends in the outdoor interior this summer.

Fans of the “unusual” will be able to amuse their taste this season by buying transparent plastic furniture, but do not forget that, nevertheless, the leading trend is minimalism, and when using furniture of an unusual shape, you should forget about additional decoration elements.

“Hot Things For A Garden Swing” Summer 2022

Camping furniture is hot this summer. It was created with only one purpose – to give a feeling of bliss and tranquility for those who so want to relax after a hard day’s work, forget about all worries and enjoy the silence of nature. To buy a garden swing is not a big problem. Manufacturers have tried their best, creating a variety of models suitable for any interior styling for suburban areas.

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The top line is occupied by the Monaco swing. This model is by no means a budget format, since it is the most advanced model and was created for real VIPs who spare no expense for reliability and endless pleasure. Garden swing Monaco, a premium swing, is equipped with additional comfort elements, such as headrests and lateral support cushions and cup holders, allowing you to experience a real level of comfort, which is harmoniously combined with the elegantly expensive design of the fashionable representative of the garden swing.

If you want to buy a swing at a low price, then our online garden swing store is at your service. Here you will find models in different styles, colors and price ranges. For example, a two-meter, fully folding seat, the Monaco model is able to accommodate your guests with considerable comfort.

Garden swing covers, which you can buy additionally, can significantly extend the lifespan, as they provide reliable and correct protection during storage in winter and also in the rain. Each swing cover is designed in strict accordance with all technical and operational standards and requirements.

If you are interested in light and practical garden furniture, an awning for a garden swing, as well as an elegant and infinitely comfortable representative of a garden swing, a sale in our store will allow you to buy what you need at the most favorable price.

Choosing Garden Furniture

What kind of furniture is suitable for creating an “outdoor room” depends on many factors. The first violin to play will be the size of your terrace. Before you go to the store, you should measure its dimensions, be sure to take into account other elements (tubs with flowers, grill, etc.), as well as the general stylistic orientation of your backyard space. An important fact that you need to pay attention to is the weight of the garden furniture. And remember: the furniture you choose should not only be expensive and stylish. First of all, it must be comfortable and comfortable. Before buying, you need to lie down or sit. Only in this way can you understand whether this is “your” furniture or not. Properly selected furniture can create a real paradise for your holiday!

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